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  • What class do you recommend as a beginner?
    New to yoga? No worries :) You have already planted the seed, let's see what we can grow from it! Our Yoga for All classes on Wednesdays 6pm and Saturdays 9am are a nice pace to start a yoga practice. Are you nervous about getting up and down from the floor, or is balance holding you back?? Come to our Chair yoga classes 9:30 Mondays & Fridays. We do it all, just with the help of a sturdy chair :) I try to have monthly "My First Yoga Class Yoga Class". This class in particular we go super slow and break down the poses and the reasons for them. What i love to show people is yoga is already inside of you! We can all do this, its not about touching our toes, it's about what we learn on the way down.
  • What do I bring to a class?
    We wear comfy stretchy clothing for class. We practice barefoot or in socks. We never wear shoes on the main studio floor. It is a sacred space and we like to keep it clean :) If you have a yoga mat, bring it. If not, the studio has plenty to share. Just sanitize it after use.
  • How do I sign-up / pay for class?
    Yes you can walk in and pay per class :) $12 a drop in. You can also preregister and sign up from the website before your arrival. This is easy as can be, plus helps accountability. yay :) When you purchase a 10 class pass or Monthly Membership, please signup online so the computer gurus can tally and keep track.
  • Are classes in studio or online?
    Both! We have in studio classes with virtual live options :) ALL THE WAYS TO TAWASTE! When you sign up for virtual class, it will notify the instructor to film and you will recieve a zoom link in email notification. Or make it easier by downloading our Fit App and you can join by the touch of a button. Distance, weather, nor germ will stop our practice. Namaste with Tawaste... everywhere!!!!!
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